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Interview with Christy Gissendaner!

3 Jun

I’m so happy to have a chance to interview my very first “publishing buddy”, Christy Gissendaner! She held my hand through my very first publishing experience, walking me through things like the gem she is. I’m fortunate to know her. Without her knowledgeable presence, my first journey would have been a far bumpier one! Read on to find out more about this author whose books are filled with romance, heat, and humor…

RobinDanner2 (3)

Author Christy Gissendaner

You’ve written an awesome historical series for Liquid Silver Books (The Princes). Do you see yourself writing more series? What’s the best thing about writing a series? The worst?

Why thank ya, V! Actually I keep swearing I’m never going to write a series again, but then I find myself starting new ones. The best thing is that the “world” is already there for me to use. The characters, back stories, etc are already outlined so writing the next book is a breeze. The worst is keeping everyone and everything straight in my head. Can’t tell you how many times I have to go back to my older books in the series to see how I described a particular situation!

Book 5 of that series, “The Princes Wanted”, is the end. What’s that like, letting go of an entire world you’ve created and saying goodbye to the characters with whom you’ve spent so much time?

Actually, The Princes Wanted is book 4 in the series. The last book will be The Princes Needed whenever I get around to finish writing it. I’m sure once I’ve written Wilhem’s story, I will sad and relieved at the same time. It’s exciting to be able to start something new. (V: Oops, she has so many stories going on, I can never keep them all straight, lol!)

You’ve recently gone out of your comfort zone a bit by penning the delicious, “Having Cake”. What made you decide to up the heat factor in such a way? You know I’m a ménage fan, so any ménage-type story does my heart proud!

I was being experimental…pretty much like Meg, the heroine of Having Cake! I typically write only M/F romances, but sometimes love just doesn’t work that way. One wild night leads to love for Meg in Having Cake even though she does venture away into a slight three-way. Despite the ménage aspect, it truly is a M/F romance. I wanted to do something that’s not quite so black and white.

You’re so not a plotter—a woman after my own heart, hehe. What’s your writing process like? Does an overall story idea just come to you and then you just let it flow from there?

My editors probably wish I would plot, but I just don’t like to tie myself down. I want the ending to surprise everyone, even myself! So I let the story goes where it wants to. It seems to work as most of my reviews praise my “storytelling” skills. Usually I have a general story idea, or even a book title, and I just start pecking away at my keyboard. Speaking of which…I’ve got an awesome idea on how to revamp an old WIP of mine! ; )

You’re talented enough to be a pro at different genres. How do you keep up with writing contemporaries, historicals, and paranormals? Do you have “genre moods” that strike? Kind of like a, “Hmm… I may be getting burnt out on this genre; time to switch it up” type of thing?

Despite my seeming randomness, there is a method to my madness. I write one Robin book (historical or paranormal) and then one Christy book (contemporary or paranormal). Lately I’ve been on a fantasy/paranormal kick for both pen names. It truly is my comfort zone even if it’s very very light paranormal/fantasy. The easiest genre for me to write is historical, of course, since that’s my first love.

Do you typically envision plot first or characters?

A general idea of the plot. The characters come about as I start typing the first scene they appear in. With The Princes, I had the hero/heroine of book 1 and the hero of book 2 thought out ahead of time. But everyone else came to me on the fly.

Many authors have a story that’s near and dear to their hearts for whatever reason—what’s yours and why?

At the moment, it’s The Princes Knighted. I absolutely loved writing book 3 in the series. The revelation of the rebel leader is quite a shocker, if I do say so myself. Hugh, the hero, is my favorite character I’ve ever created. I put the poor boy through hell, but he’s such a fierce, loyal soldier. I couldn’t help but love him.

Which character that you’ve created is your absolute favorite, if you could choose just one?

Oh my goodness…I answered this early!

Which couple?

Hugh and Sara are so sweet together in The Princes Knighted. But for pure “spark”, wait until you meet Hal and Macy in Some Kind of Trouble, coming in June from Liquid Silver Books. The ex-lovers turned co-workers are brilliant together.

Finally, tell us what you’ve got coming up. I swear, you’re one of the busiest authors I know! Which releases can we look forward to next?

Some Kind of Trouble, which I just mentioned, is coming June 17. I’ll also have a contemporary paranormal coming to Entangled sometime in the fall hopefully. As Robin, I’ll be finishing up the Princes series. I’m also thinking of revamping my Vampyre Scrolls series. Pardon the pun!


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Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Christy! Everyone, be sure to check out her books. Whether you’re a fan of historical romance, contemporary romance, or paranormal romance, this lady has something for you!

Update: Christy’s contemporary/paranormal release from Entangled will be making its way to readers this summer rather than the fall!

Interview with Shoshanna Evers!

10 Apr

It’s been a while since I updated the blog and what better way than doing a mini-interview with the wonderful, talented Shoshanna Evers? Kick back, relax, and learn more about this amazing author with a knack for the super hot.


What gave you the idea for the Enslaved trilogy?


Shoshanna Evers:

The Enslaved Trilogy came about because my publisher, Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star, asked me to write a “BDSM billionaire erotic romance trilogy” before they put my dystopian post-apocalyptic erotic romance Pulse Trilogy out. They felt that since I’m known for writing BDSM erotic romance, and I do love my rich heroes (like in Snowed in With the Tycoon), that my readers would prefer to see something I’m more known for before taking a chance on something I’ve never published before like the Pulse Trilogy.


My editor at the time, Kate Dresser, helped me craft a synopsis of the three books in the Enslaved Trilogy. We sat on the phone for well over an hour going over ideas. And that’s how the Enslaved Trilogy began! After the first two books were written (Enslaved and Enamored), Kate left Simon & Schuster to go to Harlequin’s HQN. I was (and am!) so excited and happy for her, but a little part of me was worried about my trilogy.


As it turns out, there was nothing to worry about! Adam Wilson at Pocket became my new editor, and he and Julia Fincher edited the final book in the trilogy, Enraptured. I’m really thrilled that the trilogy is coming out with each book one after the other – April 8th, May 13th, and June 10th, 2013.



What’s your writing process like–plotter or pantser?


Shoshanna Evers:

I’m a pantser who pretends to be a plotter to sell books. Just kidding! Not really. I need to give my agent and editors a synopsis/outline of what’s going to happen in each book, but by the time I start writing, the only thing that remains the same is the hero & heroine’s name.


What exciting things do you have coming up next for your readers?


Shoshanna Evers:

The rest of the Enslaved Trilogy! And then The Pulse Trilogy. At some point, I have a book coming out from Entangled Publishing titled The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride…and Baby.

There are several anthologies releasing this year that I’ll have stories in as well.


Oh, and I have a contest going on! Just go to for a chance to win an autographed paperback edition of The Man Who Holds the Whip, a sexy BDSM erotic romance like Enslaved! 🙂


Thanks for having me!



Blurb for Enslaved, Book One in the Enslaved Trilogy

from Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star:

From a red-hot erotica writer comes an original eBook—a sensual romp across the playgrounds of the unbelievably rich and extremely sexy.

Elisabeth Anderson has seen Trevor and his friends at the infamous Manhattan BDSM club WhipperSnapper, where everyone calls them the BAD Boys, for “Billionaire Arrogant Doms.” The BAD Boys—Trevor Brooks, Marc Wilde, and Roman Chase—are aptly named; they’ve made money hand over fist due to their aggressive investing at the Brooks Wilde Chase Fund. These guys are so rich they can get away with anything, or so the rumors go.

Trevor gives Elisabeth full reign of his estate in Westchester, letting her do as she pleases. He has only two rules. Rule One: she must obey and submit to him while she is living in his house. Rule Two: always answer the blue cell phone. She’s happy to oblige, because being with Trevor makes her want to obey, to love him the way he seems to be falling for her. But Elisabeth’s never been good at being the quiet sub; she’s feisty and gets off on the punishments more than she does by pleasing Trevor.

Elizabeth can’t submit to Trevor the way he needs her to, so his friend and business partner (and fellow BAD Boy) Roman takes her in hand. But love triangles can have sharp edges…and somebody’s bound to get hurt.

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About Shoshanna Evers:

Critically-acclaimed author Shoshanna Evers has written dozens of sexy stories including Amazon Erotica Bestseller Overheated. Her work has been featured in Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and Best Bondage Erotica 2013, the Penguin/Berkley Heat anthology Agony/Ecstasy, and numerous erotic BDSM novellas including Chastity Belt and Punishing the Art Thief from Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

The non-fiction anthology Shoshanna Evers edited and contributed to, How To Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors, is a #1 Bestseller in the Authorship, Erotica Writing Reference, and Romance Writing categories.

Her BDSM erotic romance The Enslaved Trilogy releases April, May, and June 2013 from Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint.

Shoshanna is a New York native who now lives with her family and two big dogs in Los Angeles, California. She welcomes emails from readers and writers, and loves to interact on Twitter and Facebook.

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Sexily *Evers* After…

Email: shoshanna.evers @ yahoo. com (no spaces)
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Vristen: Thanks so much, Shoshanna! It’s an honor to have you give me the scoop! Everyone, be sure to check out the first book in her trilogy. Clicking the cover above will take you to the purchase page. And after that, the reading doesn’t have to stop–check out as much of her work as you can!