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2013 Review…

31 Dec

I still suck at blogging (surprise!), but I thought I’d make a post on this night–last of 2013. New Year’s Eve–ah, my favorite non-holiday. Love it!

Oh, past year, what can I say about you? Hated you! Seriously. Not even kidding. So many stresses and struggles, so many less than stellar events going on in my life. I’ve had more than a few backstabbers, personal tragedies, and weirdly hilarious attempts to rile me. My life has been like a strange ass Lifetime movie.

Thank goodness that shit is about to be over. I’m looking forward to 2014, but I won’t jinx it by saying how awesome it’s gonna be. Like, um, I…perhaps…did last NYE. Ahem.

Anyway, I’m nearing the official start of my self-publishing journey, and I can’t wait. 2014’s theme song is so “Control” by Janet Jackson, baby. I even made up my own lyrics to go along with the song. Yes, I am that big of a dork. Deal with it. So, yeah, more stress, to be sure. However, it’s going to be a better stress because I, and I alone, will be putting the bulk of it on myself. Yeah, I’ll take that over what I’ve been through this year, any day.

A new year, a fresh start, a brand new beginning. Woot! This rebellious spirit is ready to keep on keepin’ on, despite the hardships.

Resolutions. Eek. I really need to cut out the smoking once and for all. I suppose I can stuff my face instead. Come on, extra twenty pounds, I’m ready for you. I need to try my hardest to become more of a social person. Ugh. Just typing that gives me the willies. Have to try, though. I think there are interesting possibilities out there for me, if I do. (In real life, not on the ‘net. I really never want to be more social on the ‘net, at this point.) And I also have to get these remaining stories I have in my twisted brain OUT of my twisted brain and on to the screen. Then, the noise in there will stop, and maybe I can ditch writing and start something new. Like quilting or something. Hell, I don’t know. Ballroom dancing? Maaaybe.

Oh, and I think blogging more can be one of my resolutions. Just don’t hold me to that. This chick loves to procrastinate, and no one is taking that from me, damn it. So, goodbye, 2013. I won’t be sad to see you go.

Happy New Year’s, y’all.