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7 Jun

Vristen: Today I’m handing over my blog to the fabulous Elle Rush. She’s even graciously agreed to give us a little taste of her story, “Bear With Me”. Take it away, Elle!


Guest post and excerpt, courtesy of Elle Rush:

I have a question. Of all the possible wereanimals and shapeshifters out there, why have I never once seen a story about a sasquatch? Really, they are the ultimate half-man/half-beast creation. They’re perfect.

And fictional. But so is the story that shouldn’t stop anyone. It’s a great idea (and if you want to steal it, go ahead) but not one I’m going to be chasing any time soon. I’m playing with my own shifters, whose origin story starts light years away.

I didn’t write a sasquatch shifter story but one did make it into “Bear With Me”. Here is one of my favourite exchanges between Bear, the human-turned-grizzly, and Manon, the park ranger who was looking for him:

“…You were right about there being a meteor shower. You were a little off on the timing though. The big ones started a couple weeks ago. They’re still happening. NASA is going nuts. Airlines too. It’s world-wide and unpredictable. The news is saying it mostly happens at night.”


“This is happening all over the world?” No wonder she wasn’t freaking out on him.


“This? No. Nothing about people changing into animals. That would have made the news. The meteorite strikes. There have been a few stories about quarantined areas and some samples being sent off to government labs but those are only on fringe news websites.”


Bear allowed himself to be distracted for a moment. “Why do you follow fringe news websites?”


“I’m a park ranger. I try to keep up to date on Bigfoot sightings.”




“No. I ran a web search on the meteor showers since your file indicated you had an interest in astronomy. They popped up.”


He wanted to ask more, but Manon’s sigh said she wasn’t finished.

Maybe there is a limit to limits of disbelief. Maybe wereanimals from outer space crosses that line. I don’t think they do. I think that the limit is only determined by the scope of the story and the quality of the storytelling. I’m hoping I reach those levels.



Elle Rush is a Canadian romance author from Winnipeg, Manitoba. When she’s not travelling, she’s hard at work writing her hot sci-fi shifter and contemporary romance eBooks which are set all over the world. Elle earned a degree in Spanish and French, barely passed German, and is starting to learn Italian and Japanese. She has flunked poetry in every language she’s ever taken. She’s also has mild addictions to tea, cookbooks and the sci-fi channel. Follow her at or on her Twitter account @elle_rush.

A collection of hot, shifter romance!

Blurb for “Bear With Me”, part of the “Beneath a Spring Moon” collection:

When Bartholomew “Bear” Cain set up camp in the Manitoba wilderness to get an unobstructed view of a meteor shower, he had no idea he was going be exposed to an alien element and merge with a grizzly bear. Learning to control the shift is hard enough, but when poachers steal his gear, Bear has to learn to survive.

Manon Martin, a conservation officer sent to look for a rogue grizzly, but obsessed with finding the missing man, discovers both when Bear saves her from a wild animal attack. Manon vows to keep him safe—not just from the returning poachers, or through the cold winter’s night, but into the future beyond, assuming they both survive.

Pick up this story, and three others, from Liquid Silver Books, Amazon, ARe (All Romance Ebooks), Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

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