Blog Fun in June!

31 May

Ready for some serious blog action, y’all? Contemporary action? Historical action? Paranormal action? Ooh…erotic action? Come on–you know you want it all! Plus, with me you always get a dose of the cray-cray, so there’s that.

Recently, I made the decision to stop procrastinating about breathing some life back into my blog. Let’s just call it a really, really late New Year’s resolution or something. Or, um, really early. However you want to look at it. In any case, some fabulous author pals have graciously agreed to drop by to bring super fun stuff to The Piercing Miss V’s chill spot for the month of June. We have interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and other thrilling things heading your way. Starting June 3rd, the posts will be featured every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the month. It will be a great way to learn more about some awesome authors and the equally awesome stories they bring to life.

Let’s get this party started! And then let’s keep it going–July, I’m looking at you.



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