Musical Synopsis Part 1-ish

23 Jan

According to the fascinating author Elizabeth Boyce, I, too, am fascinating. (And usually right–oh, how I love that woman!) Her thought-provoking tweet started the squeaky wheels in my fascinating head turning. As someone who loves music, this seems like a perfect subject for me to ramble a bit about as my first post of 2013. Woot!

For the purpose of this post, I’ll focus on my first Crimson Romance novel, The Scheme of Things. Let’s give my hero, Eric, a chance to share a bit of what would be on the mixtape he’d make for Cassie. I could totally do another one of these suckers from Cassie’s point of view, but I’m a commitment-phobe so let’s just leave that as a “mm-hmm, someday, yep” instead of a definite thang, shall we?

Warning: This music shares no common thread and shall be, much like myself, all over the damn place. It’s also a bit soundtrackish due to my view of books as “interactive movies”. Think of it as kind of a mixtape/musical synopsis. If only I could give musical synopses to editors and agents! Who’s with me?! *crickets* No one? My bad. I’m special. Here we go…

Eric loves him some Cassie, but it wasn’t always so. She exasperated the shit out of him at first. Okay, well, that never really changes, but in honor of their awkward, slightly bumpy start:

She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals

It doesn’t take long for the wacky brunette to work her way under his skin. Soon, he’s a little conflicted. He’s starting to…care too damn much. Uh-oh. He’s doomed to ask that age old question:

Is This Love – Whitesnake

As Eric’s pondering that question, he decides it would be a good idea to ask his Cass out on a real date. He’s not getting his hopes up, but she surprises him.

Glad You Came – The Wanted

Ooh, so Eric and Cassie get physical and it’s sweet. Very sweet, because there’s lots of cake and icing involved. Naturally, RiRi has something that fits the theme:

Birthday Cake – Rihanna

Damn it, Eric’s glad she came, all right. Woot! He realizes he’s in much deeper than he thought. And worse, he believes he’s suffering from that horrible affliction called “unrequited love”. Aw, snap.

Strange and Beautiful – Aqualung

Thinking their fake romance is destined to remain that way, Eric’s determined to see the week through. No matter how much it’ll hurt to walk away.

Tomorrow – Chris Young

But Cassie has to throw him a curveball and then her ex helps throw him for another loop immediately after. Eric’s more than a little pissed, yo.

Stricken – Disturbed

Of course, it’s a romance; I can’t exactly keep Eric and Cassie apart. They’re oddly matched, yet meant to be. Aww…

Love Will Come Through – Travis

Eric gets his adorkable Cass. Aaaand, naturally, you know it won’t be long until he’s back to…

And, really, a part of me thinks Cassie will have that effect on him forever.


2 Responses to “Musical Synopsis Part 1-ish”

  1. Elizabeth Boyce (@EBoyceRomance) January 23, 2013 at 7:13 pm #

    Aww, yeah. Awesome post! 🙂

  2. vristenpierce January 23, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

    Thanks for dropping by, you fascinating thang, you!

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