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2012 Reasons to Party Tonight

31 Dec

At least 2012, right? But no way in hell am I going to list all of them. It’s my favorite (pre)holiday of the year: New Year’s Eve! I thought it would be nice to make a post here on my sadly inactive blog on this wonderful date. Blogs are cool. I get to ramble on and on to myself and, for once, it’s not kind of a psycho thing to do. (Which is why Twitter is also awesome, but I digress.)

I’ve loved NYE for as long as I can remember. As far as cusps go, it’s a pretty significant one. We’re done with “old” year, but, wait–not quite done just yet. We’ve embarked upon a journey for the “new” year, but, wait–not quite. We’re on the brink, the edge, the whatever… This has to make sense outside my own twisted head. Anyway, I adore the sense of getting a “clean slate”. Not that it’s possible to erase what’s happened, not that you’d even want to, but you’re starting again. With a whole new year. How cool is that? Fine. Maybe not cool in the traditional sense. I’m a complete dork, though so yeah. This shit is awesome!

Last year, at this time, I was lamenting how fast 2011 had gone off the rails for me. But I also did a cool, Gone with the Wind type thing, too. You know, “As God is my witness, I will never have a year like this again!” And, bam, that was it. My resolution was set. 2012 wasn’t going to suck quite like 2011. And it didn’t. Hehe. I got the power! 2012 has been a year full of learning experiences. As a newbie baby writer, I finally got to dip my toe in the publishing pool. Five things I wrote this year, five stories published. It’s been awesome. See? I put my foot down December 31, 2011 and said, “This craptastic life stuff has got to stop.” And it did, for the most part. Yay, me. Now, not every brilliant, nutty thing I typed up in 2012 has been published. Yet. I have another novella out there (with an offer, squee!), a whopper of an erotic romance novel (a whopper for me since writing anything over 50K words gives me hives and this bad boy is over 90K words) that’s on submission, and, finally, my final masterpiece (ha) of 2012, a novella for which I gave myself an evil deadline. It’s time to sub, so, unfortunately, I can’t quite count these three stories as having been published. Yet.

I’m saying it, I’m putting it out there into the universe: 2013 is going to kick major ass. There. I’m planning to go full steam ahead with even more random, WTF ideas and make them into stories. I’d love to ease my way into the self-publishing end of the pool. So many things I want to do. And January 1 is the start of it all. My clean slate. I haven’t forgotten anything of 2012, but I sure as hell am looking forward to doing more, doing better. Everything is a learning experience, but not everything is a fresh start. I cherish those, which is why I’m such a sucker for NYE. Once it ends, we’re no longer looking forward to the new year, we’re in it. So, yeah, we’re on that cusp. Once the ball drops, it’s on. But until then…

Happy New Year!

The Beta Hero

16 Dec

It’s been a while since I rambled here at the ol’ blog and I thought this was a good time since my book is coming out tomorrow and I’d previously mentioned that I’d talk a bit about my one (as of right now) beta hero.

As someone who’s used to those brash alpha males in romance novels and loves them, I think there’s something to be said for the betas. As an alpha lover, I never set out to write a beta, but as I trucked along on my story, Dropping the Ball, I had to face facts: My hero, Dillon Avery, was steadfastly refusing to be an alpha. He’s a sweetheart of a man–still sexy as all hell, but…nice. He’s not arrogant, abrasive, or a playboy. Those traits (and then some) are left to his brothers. No, Dillon’s a compassionate soul who is loyal beyond belief.

That’s not to say he doesn’t have a backbone. I think betas can sometimes mistakenly be labeled as wimps, all because they may not be as impulsive, lustful, or “in your face” as an alpha. Dillon’s not angsty; he’s not a brooding loner. He’s just an all-around good guy who’s not into playing the field. For that reason, it makes sense to me that Dillon would suddenly find himself seeing his best friend, Heather, in a whole new light. I think it’s natural that he would develop feelings for a woman he’s known for most of his life rather than throw himself into the dating scene as he searches for “the one”.

Since alphas are my “thang”, I tried at times to sneak a few of those traits into Dillon’s personality. I failed pretty much every single time. What this writing experience taught me is that it pays to have an open mind. I never would have pegged myself as a woman who could, or would, be fascinated by a beta hero, but I was so wrong and am so grateful for that sheer wrongness. It makes me want to read about some sexy betas other writers have created! As for Dillon… His story is releasing tomorrow (yay!) and I’m happy to make a contribution to romances that feature a beta hero.

I do hope that betas start getting their fair share of love out there in the romance world, if only to show that good guys don’t have to finish last. If not, then I really do think we’ll all be missing out on a great opportunity to meet some fantastic men. Or, in other words, we just might be Dropping the Ball.