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Six Sentence Sunday

28 Oct

A snippet of conversation between the leads, Dillon and Heather, in my upcoming best-friends-to-lovers book, Dropping the Ball

Her eyes were closed, her breathing even.

“God, my arms are killing me,” he said as he stared down at her. “I knew you’d gained weight, but damn.”

Her eyes flew open and she sat straight up. “Excuse me?”

“Thought that might get your attention.”

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The Alpha Male (Blog Hop Finished)

19 Oct


Congratulations to commenter liese2, the winner of my gift card giveaway!

What makes the alpha man so irresistible to so many romance writers and readers? For me, it’s the sheer confidence that borders on cockiness. He may be wealthy or he can be a total blue-collar babe, but he always exudes power. No one’s getting the best of this man–until  a certain lady comes along to bring him to his knees, of course. And, really, that’s the best part anyway, isn’t it? Watching a big, strong man crumble like a cookie when faced with the power of love is satisfying. It shows that, more than anything else, love holds the real power. I believe there are a lot of different types out there, almost a sliding scale of alpha-ness, if you will. My characters have been across the board, but the men tend to be the sexy, dynamic, assertive, and charming.

In my book, The Scheme of Things, the hero, Eric, is an alpha, but not overbearing about it. I’d almost say he could have been a beta, he’s so nonchalant and laid-back, but he’s a smart ass and has a slightly arrogant part of his personality that refused to go away. Plus, the man doesn’t have a shy, unassuming bone in his body. Alpha, it is. In my novella, Awful Good Girl, the hero, Elijah, almost straddles the line between alpha and beta, but he leans toward the alpha side just a bit. He just tries to keep the more intense parts of his personality tempered a bit for the sake of the heroine. He doesn’t want to scare her off when she’s already clearly hesitant to make any type of commitments, after all. But he wants her and won’t stop until he has his way.

In my upcoming book, Dropping the Ball, out December 17th from Crimson Romance, my hero, Dillon, absolutely refused to be an alpha. Flat out–he wouldn’t even hear of it. He’s a total beta; he’s my first and, as of yet, only. Say it with me: Awww. So, ah, yeah…let’s just skip right over Dillon until a later post. He really is a sweetheart, though! In the book I’m working on right now–a steamy, contemporary Valentine’s Day tale–the hero, Chance is a total alpha male for sure. Super wealthy, slightly arrogant, disgustingly charming, and yummy as hell, Chance is a playboy who’s not into the relationship thing. I love the guy, which is why I’m having a blast making him fall in love. It’s always fun when the alpha man succumbs to the inevitable. And Chance…oh, Chance…he’s really in for it. After all, he’s destined to end up with none other than an alpha woman who calls him on his shit and takes none from anyone.

What makes an alpha man hit or miss for you? The power? The confidence? The intensity? Or is it just the raw, animalistic sexuality that seems to ooze out of every pore on his chiseled, amazing body?

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Six Sentence Sunday

14 Oct

From my Halloween themed erotica short story, On the Rox

But where to find this man who was destined to rock her world?

As she stepped out of the shower, she smiled. Of course. The costume party. Roxanne only had to make sure she truly kept an open mind.

If she did, there was no telling what she could get into tonight.

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Six Sentence Sunday

7 Oct

From The Scheme of Things, coming October 15th from Crimson Romance, a snippet of conversation between my leads, Cassie and Eric…

“Steven asked if you loved me.”

“And I said yes.”

“You said,” she sighed and mimicked his resigned tone, “‘I love her.’”

He just looked at her.

“You made it sound unpleasant.”

“Maybe it is.”


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Halloween Heat, Y’all!

1 Oct


Gettin’ hot for Halloween…

The month of October looks to be a good one, folks. I’m very happy that my short story, Taking Candy, is a part of an erotic anthology that’s coming (hehe) very, very soon! I’ll be sharing the pages of Halloween Heat with some very talented authors so it’s an honor, for sure. What a great way to kick off the month because I always have been fond of Halloween. And this is sure to be the hottest one yet. There are some fun promo things in store–stay tuned!