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Six Sentence Sunday

30 Sep

From my upcoming Halloween-themed erotica short story, Taking Candy

“Oh yeah, he’ll be coming if I have anything to say about it.”

From what she’d heard from a friend of a friend, Brett was not only single, he’d been that way for the last month. In other words, he was ripe for the picking. Surely no one in their right mind needed more than a month before putting themselves on the market. Besides, Candy wasn’t interested in being his baby’s mama or anything crazy like that.

No, what she wanted Brett for had nothing to do with picket fences or wedding vows.

Taking Candy will be part of Halloween Heat, an Etopia Press anthology, coming soon! For more Six Sentence Sunday fun, please visit their site.


The Scheme of Things

27 Sep

The worst plans can lead to the best things…

The Scheme of Things is a story that’s near and dear to my heart. The second novel I’d ever written, it was a total departure from my first and, as of yet, still unfinished, book. I’m a huge romantic suspense fan. In fact, it’s the only kind of romance I read for so many years, I couldn’t even tell you. So, naturally, when I started writing, I wrote what I felt I knew “best”: Good ol’ rom-sus. It was…painful. As a total pantser who can’t outline for crap, there’s a lot I still need to do to that story to make it anywhere near as good as it can be. And because I’m not that great at giving up on things that are important to me, there’s a lot that I will do to that story. Someday. (<— Oh, and I’m a horrible, horrible procrastinator, I must admit.) I guess I hatched a plan, or a “scheme”, if you will, of my own. After temporarily trunking that precious, precious, messy little rom-sus, I decided to try my hand at something I really didn’t know much about anymore–straight up, contemporary romance…no sub-genres, no chaser. At first, it was hard to wrap my mind around creating a plot that didn’t involve crazed killers, death, and destruction, but I’m so very glad I did. Filled with plenty of light-hearted, humorous moments, it’s a total departure from that romantic suspense manuscript of mine. The Scheme of Things releases from Crimson Romance on Oct. 15th!

Six Sentence Sunday

23 Sep

From my Liquid Silver Books novella, Awful Good Girl

“Not that you need it, but it may make you feel better about yourself to get prettied up.” Linda put her coffee cup on the table. “You’re beautiful. I just want you to work what you’ve got.”

Oh, she worked what she had. Just never at the library.

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Awful Good Girl

20 Sep

When a good girl goes bad, things get better…

My very first release ever made its official novella debut from Liquid Silver Books on Sept. 10th. Awful Good Girl is a story about secrets, guilty pleasures, exhilaration, and, of course since it is a romance–love.

It’s an exciting time, but the best way to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed is by staying really busy. Since I’ve finished Awful Good Girl, I’ve also finished a novel, another novella, and two short stories–oh, and I’ve started yet another novel. I think my A.D.D. really comes through for me in this case! At the end of the day, it’s a nice an anxiety producing, but nice feeling to have, knowing that your story is now available to the world at large.